On April 23, 1948, the Massachusetts Society of Anesthesiologists was conceived at a meeting of a few physicians held in the office of Dr. Urban Eversole, the Chief of Anesthesia at the Lahey Clinic.

Prior to World War II there were very few physicians interested in the science and the art of anesthesiology. In fact there were very few physicians who could be called an “anesthesiologist,” or even “anesthetist”. At that time anesthesia was mainly ether and nitrous oxide/oxygen by inhalation, thiopental sodium intravenously and procaine by the subarachnoid route! The individuals administrating these drugs were general practitioners, nurse anesthetists, residents in surgery, and the occasional surgeon who administrated spinals to patients upon whom he was to operate. There were very few true residencies in Anesthesia through out the country. >


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Tufts Health Plan Adopts New Policy on Anesthesia for Endoscopy
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